The laboratory is equipped for immunoblotting, molecular biology, culturing of mammalian cells, optical imaging.

Equipment includes:

  • 5 class II biological safety cabinets and cell culture incubators (located in a clean room),
  • inverted fluorescence microscopes, dissecting microscopes, a computer-assisted intravital fluorescence microscope and a computer-assisted inverted fluorescence microscope,
  • a myograph system for isolated small vessels/tissues,
  • RT-PCR, PCR, systems for DNA/RNA electrophoresis,
  • systems for SDS-PAGE and Western blotting,
  • a fluorescence spectrophotometer, a UV-Visible spectrophotometer, a luminometer, ELISA readers,
  • centrifuges, water baths, pH meters, balances, refrigerators, freezers, a deep freezer (-80oC),
  • a β-counter.

Cell lines: Repository of various human cancer cell lines.

The laboratory has access to the following central facilities: two confocal microscopy units and a flow cytometry unit.



Videos, presentations and protocols

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CAM assays

MTT assay for cell viability

Troubleshooting for Western blotting