Schools go to University

The University of Patras organises an annual outreach activity entitled “Schools go to University”. Schools from the city and the outskirts are given the chance to visit different participating departments and get acquainted to academic life in a fun and entertaining way. The Department of Pharmacy participates with various activities. The Angiogenesis Group of the Laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology offers schools the opportunity to visit the lab space, have hands-on experience with a well established angiogenesis in vivo model (the chick embryo chorioallantoic membrane) and attend interactive talks on cancer, angiogenesis and the role of drugs in everyday life. 



Summer schools

“Summer school 2016” invited 16 year old students from secondary schools of Patras to experience academic life in the Department of Pharmacy, University of Patras. The Marie Curie fellow, Dr Evangelia Pantazaka from the Laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology gave an interactive talk on aspects of cancer and angiogenesis and engaged students to lively debate. Four students were allocated to the Laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology and were introduced by Dr Pantazaka and the other members of the lab to laboratory techniques such as: bacterial transformation, DNA isolation, Western blotting and microscopy. Students’ feedback was very positive; all agreeing they were inspired to pursue a scientific career!!!